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WILLIAM VOltf HUMBOLBT.                  343
with the intention of placing him in some educa-
tional establishment.
On his return, he visited Goethe^ and then re-
paired to his father-in-law, Herr von Dacherodea,
in Erfurt. While there he received a summons to
eater into another sphere. In December, 1S08? the
cabinet sitting in Konigsberg offered Mm the post of
director of the section of worship and of public edu-
cation in the ministry of the interior, at the same
time naming him a privy councillor of state. Hum-
boldt declared Mxnself willing to accept the post,
reserving to himself the right to resume his diplo-
matic career whenever he wished,, and his definite
appointment was thereupon signed in Konigsberg on
the 20th February, 1809. He7 however, had arrived
in Berlin in January, 1809? where he spent a few
•months, before his departure to Konigsberg. He
placed his son in a Pestalozzian school, prepared to
enter upon his official duties, and arrived in Konigs-
berg in April.
Though it must have grieved him to quit such an
agreeable life as his Eoman one, his duty required it,
and he did not hesitate to sacrifice Ms own predilec-
tions to the fatherland. He reserved the right to re-
enter the diplomatic career, principally with a view to
returning to Borne; but he had left his post there at
the right time; for scarcely had he quitted the
papal dominions than the long-feared catastrophe
broke over it On the 17t£. May, Napoleon decreed
the incorporation of the State of the Church with the
,French empire, and on the 6th of July of the same
year the Pope was led a prisoner from B0XB&